Benin Monarch urges Fayose to eschew violence


The Benin monarch, Oba Ewuare II has advised Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, to eschew conflicts and embrace peace for the over all interest the country.

Oba Ewuare II who opined that no meaningful development could take place in an environment of rancour said all hands must be on deck in the battle against the current economic woes currently bedeviling the country

The Benin Monarch spoke when he played host to Governor Fayose who paid him a courtesy visit

Governor Fayose was in the state to deliver the 13th convocation lecture of the Benson Idahosa university.

According to Oba Ewaure II, “You spoke and confirm my observations that you are a leader. We thank God for having you here today and coming to deliver the lecture at BIU

“We have been following some of your political wars. We are in support of resolving conflicts peacefully and we always pray for peace and we strive for it in Benin.

“I want to reassure you that this palace is your home and you can come official and privately. We can then have confidential discussions and exchange ideas

“I salute your commitment to democracy and good governance out there and we say keep on doing the good work in spite of the adversities being faced.”

Governor Fayose said he was impressed with the achievements of the Benin Monarch within a few months.

He said, “You are royal and it fits you and some people occupy royal thrones but the seats don’t fit them. I watched in close quarters your activities and I am impressed.

“Our traditional and culture can’t be wished away. Education, knowledge and wisdom are vital to our human existence. I left office in controversial circumstances on Oct 16 2006 and came back exactly eight years after

“I represent the belief that this country must stay unite in justice as without justice there would be no peace. I want to stay close to this palace and be an asset to it. You are a man of this generation and your support and advice would be invaluable

‎”Traditional rulers are the custodians of our culture and whether we ascribe any role to them on paper or not, they are the closest to the people and have ears to the ground. Those things we politicians in our hurry do not take not off, monarchs have the time and all that is necessary to get them.”


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