NAF Destroys Illegal Oil Facility in Niger Delta


The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has successfully destroyed an illegal oil storage facility and other related items in Ojekiri and Ngbae communities in the Niger Delta. During a patrol mission conducted by the NAF’s Mi-24V helicopter, illegal oil refinery activities were spotted at these locations.

An armed reconnaissance mission was subsequently conducted using the NAF’s EC-135 helicopter. During the armed reconnaissance, the NAF crew discovered a 60 metre long oil storage facility filled with stolen oil products, an illegal oil barge and some canoes with drums containing stolen oil products.

The storage facility, oil barge and canoes were successfully attacked by the NAF helicopter and set ablaze. The aim of the NAF in destroying the illegal oil storage facility is to make oil theft and illegal oil bunkering unprofitable as part of the NAF’s contribution to protecting the Nation’s economic assets.

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