Feud between NASS, Presidency a figment of enemies imagination – Umaru


The senator representing Niger East District, David Umaru, has said that the feud  between the National Assembly and the Presidency is a figment of the imagination of the enemies of the nation.

Umaru said some Nigerians, due to their vested interests, were spreading falsehood, adding that the senators have no reason to  fight the Presidency.

The senator told reporters after a protest by youths, who called for the recalling of senators in the state, alleging that they were not being adequately represented.

Umaru said: “We have good and excellent relationship with the executive. Senators are patriots, but people tend to call us names just to satisfy their own interest. The Presidency/Senate  feud is the figment of the imagination of some people who can be classified as enemies of the country. they want Nigerians to believe that there is a fight between us, whereas there is none.

“If we were enemies, the National Assembly would have started an impeachment process against the President while he was sick and away in London. On our part as legislators, we have done a lot of things to save the executive.”

Umaru, who frowned on the incessant protests by the youths against the National Assembly, said that the Senate has succeeded in passing some bills that have been of benefit of the people. He added: “People do not see the positive things we are doing. they only tend to see negative things and magnify it beyond imagination. Instead of making moves to ensure that the existing institutions are strengthened, the people are busy making effort to destroy it.”

Umaru urged Nigerians to resist manipulation by the enemies of the nation, stressing that the people should be aware that the Senate is behind the President Buhari evil. “

He said the Senate will not be distracted or manipulated from doing their best in ensuring stability in the country.

Youths under the coalition of Non-Governmental Organisations took to the street, calling for the recall of Umaru and other Senators over inadequate representation in the National Assembly.

The protesters started their march from the Mobile roundabout to the constituency office of the senator.

The youths, who cut across the three senatorial districts, decried the self serving attitudes saying the Senators have failed the people of their constituencies.

They also blamed the Senators for frustrating President Muhammdu Buhari agenda in fighting corruption in the country by not passing anti corruption bill into law amongst other allegations.


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