Ben Bruce hails Anambra, Bayelsa’s educational development


Senator Ben Murray-Bruce representing Bayelsa central has praised three state governors for their contributions to the educational development of their states.

Senator Ben Murray-Bruce says the governors that have done well for their states education-wise deserve praises

In a brief statement posted to his Facebook account on Saturday, March 18, Ben Bruce saluted the governors:

1. Chief Willie Obiano, current Anambra state governor

2. Peter Obi, former Anambra state governor

3. Seriake Dickson, current Bayelsa state governor

He said: “I commend the current Governor of Anambra, Chief Willie Obiano and his predecessor, Peter Obi, for vindicating my oft repeated statement that they have both used education to turn their state from an educationally backward state to the most educationally advanced in Nigeria

“I commend my Governor, Seriake Dickson for making Bayelsa state one of the top 10 states in terms of WASSCE performance. This is a miracle especially when you consider that Bayelsa state used to be considered an educationally disadvantaged state.

“I commend the the entire South East Governors for their spectacular result in this year’s WASSCE and urge other FG/states to learn from them. Forget about pride and learn from those who are succeeding in this area. It only makes commonsense!”

But some Nigerians disagree with Ben Bruce’s submissions. Some of those that commented under his statement on Facebook said his commendation for Bayelsa was misplaced but many agreed with him over Anambra’s educational development.

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Ben Bruce salutes Obiano, Dickson over Anambra, Bayelsa's educational development
Ben Bruce salutes Obiano, Dickson over Anambra, Bayelsa's educational development

On Twitter, some Nigerians warn that the country is in a dangerous position if educational rating are determined by regional examination results. Others say it is not the governors that deserve the praise.


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