Shi’ite youth demand unconditional release of El-zakzaky


The Youth Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria on Thursday called for ​the ​unconditional release of the leader of the movement, Ibaraheem Zakzaky.

​​Speaking during a protest in Kaduna, the leader of the state chapter of the forum, Mikail Abdullahi, accused ​the ​government of “violating all constitutional provisions” by detaining Mr. El-Zakzaky without charging him to court.

He said the government was not leading a good example by keeping deaf ears to the call for the release of the leader of the movement.

“The continued detention of our leader is unconstitutional. We are calling for his release because his detention violates all constitutional provisions,” he said.

Several members of the movement were killed in December last year in Zaria after a bloody clash with the Nigerian Army.

The arrested members of the group, including Mr. El-Zakzaky and his wife, were either remanded in prisons or at undisclosed locations.

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