Merck Lures Africans to Boost Healthcare Capacity in the Continent

  • Merck conducts its 3rd Luminary for the first time in Francophone Africa.
  • More than 350 African healthcare providers, policy makers and researchers  from more than 25 countries attend “Merck Africa Luminary 2016” to benefit from several educational and social development sessions
  • “Merck More than a Mother” was launched in Francophone Africa with the aim to empower infertile women by improving access to information, health and to change of mind set.
  • Merck also announced the start of its Cancer Access Program which aims to improve cancer care throughout Africa.

Merck, a leading science and technology company, today kicked off its third Merck Africa Luminary for the first time for Francophone and Anglophone Africa in Cote D’Ivoire.

In her inauguration speech, Her Excellency Dominique Ouattara, the First Lady of Cote D’Ivoire emphasized: “It gives me pleasure to participate in this year’s third Merck Africa Luminary which is being held for the first time in Francophone West Africa and has mobilised people from over 25 African countries for the social and economic development of Africa.”

“Our partnership with Merck that we are getting into today will build capacity for health care professionals and contribute to improving health management and facilitate access to existing and forthcoming healthcare solutions in Cote D’Ivoire and also in Africa,” she added.

During his inauguration speech, Frank Stangenberg-Haverkamp, Chairman of the Executive Board and Family Board of E.Merck KG emphasized “Merck is a value driven company and that is one of the reasons why Merck is committed to support the social and economic development of Africa by improving access to innovative and equitable healthcare in the continent.”

Belén Garijo, Member of Executive Board and CEO of Merck Healthcare emphasized: “Merck is pleased to partner with the Ministry of Health and Government of Côte d’Ivoire to provide improved access to healthcare as part of our long term commitment to the social and economic development in this country and in Africa at large. Merck will continue to work closely with African governments, healthcare stakeholders and academia to contribute to enhancing the quality of healthcare across the African continent.”

Merck has brought more than 350 African healthcare providers, policy makers and researchers  from more than 25 Francophone and Anglophone African countries to benefit from valuable educational and social development sessions in both French and English languages with the aim to improve disease management, early detection and prevention with special focus on Diabetes, Hypertension, Cancer, Fertility and Life Science Research.

Minister of Health of Côte d’Ivoire, Dr. Raymonde Goudou Coffie stated at the event “We are delighted to host the annual “Merck Africa Luminary” for the first time in West Africa addressing Francophone African countries here in Cote D’Ivoire. Our strategic partnership with Merck will add value to our country not only for boosting the healthcare sector but also for the country’s economic progression.”

“Conducting Merck Africa Luminary in Côte d’Ivoire will add great value to Merck’s initiatives to build healthcare capacity in Francophone African countries. It will also enhance collaboration between Anglophone and Francophone countries across the continent. Moreover it will help to establish a network across Africa, America, Asia, and Europe to improve diseases awareness and the quality of healthcare, especially for non-communicable diseases,” said Rasha Kelej, Chief Social Officer, Merck Healthcare.

During the Merck Africa Luminary, Merck launched the “Merck More than a Mother” campaign for Francophone African countries. The launch took place during a high-level panel officiated by Her Excellency Madame Brigitte Touadera, the first lady of the Central African Republic. The initiative aims to empower infertile women in Africa by improving their access to information, education and healthcare, and by changing mind-sets to de-stigmatize infertility.

”I am happy to champion the “Merck More than a Mother” initiative as it seeks to expand into Francophone Africa. I believe this initiative will contribute significantly towards eliminating the social suffering and stigmatization of infertile women and raise awareness about infertility prevention, male infertility and the necessity for a team approach to family building among couples. This is very critical for my country and for Africa at large” said Madame Brigitte Touadera.

At this year’s Luminary Merck also announced the start of their “Cancer Access Program”. This aims to increase the number of qualified oncologists through providing an African medical oncology fellowship program in partnership with the University of Nairobi and Tata Memorial Hospital in India.

Merck has delivered healthcare services throughout Africa since 1897. Africa’s population is rising faster than that of other global markets and there is a growing middle class. The company is increasingly tapping into the continent’s innovative spirit to create health awareness and help respond to unmet medical needs. To underscore its commitment to Africa and in recognition of the continent’s rising importance, Merck has opened an office in Abidjan to serve as a hub for its business activities in Francophone Africa.

Merck Africa Luminary is an annual forum where African healthcare providers, policy makers and researchers meet to discuss and develop different strategies and programs to build healthcare capacity and improve access to innovative and equitable healthcare solutions across the continent. The first Merck Africa Luminary was held in Darmstadt, Germany in 2014 and the second in Nairobi, Kenya in 2015.


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