BBOG group confirms names of 21 released Chibok girls


The #BringBackOurGirls group on Friday confirmed the identities of the 21 released Chibok girls, after their names were released by the government on Thursday.

In its statement signed by the co-conveners of the group, Oby Ezekwesili, and Aisha yesufu, the group matched the names of the girls with its list of missing 218 Chibok girls.

Mary Usman, released on Thursday, is number 159 on the BringBackOurGirls’ list, while
Jummai John is number 78.

Blessing Abana is 90 and Luggwa Sanda is 27 on the list of missing girls.

Comfort Habila is 24 and Maryam Basheer is 195.

The remaining names were all identified.

The group however said there were minor spelling differences between the two lists.

“Kindly note the following: Full name: Mary Daniel Bukar Usman, appears as Mary Daniel on our list, but Mary Usman on this list. Lugwa Sanda on ours but as Luggwa on this list. Maryama Bashir on this list is also called Mairama Bashir.

“Saratu Mutah Emmanuel is Saratu Emmanuel on this list. Deborah Jafaru on ours, but as Deborah Ja’afaru on this list. Helinna Musa on ours, but as Helin Musa on this list. Rebecca Ibrahim appears twice on ours (52 and 188) they are namesakes. Rebecca Ibrahim Yakubu (52), Rebecca Ibrahim Pogu (188).

“Mary Dama appears twice on ours (68 and 139) an error. One of them is Glory, not Mary. Glory Dama Aimu, her full name. Pindar Nuhu on ours but as Pindah Nuhu on this list,” the group said.

There were released after spending more than two years in captivity.


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