Presient Buhari: A Diminishing Personality and Profile


Before 2015 election Gen. Muhammad Buhari was unmarketable brand in Nigeria political clime, he was a series failure in elections, consequently four times. In 2014 during party coalition in order to wrestle power from incumbent party PDP, he was single handedly picked by Asiwaju Bola Tinubu to flag the APC party for 2015 on integrity note and his popularity in the north region.

During election Buhari profile became famous notable on integrity, anti-corruption, instiller of discipline and correctness, earning him the name Sai Baba by his admirers. These were decisive factors in representing vital source of hope to Nigerians who believed in him and his change Mantra.

During his campaign, his promises aimed at bringing hope, restoring Nigeria to sanity, taking her to the promise land by making $1 to N1, bringing down a litter of petrol from N85 to N40, giving stipends of 5k to unemployed youths, feeding of school children, providing employment opportunities to Nigerians etc.
Election came to the winning side of Buhari against the incumbent president GEJ. Opposition winning incumbent was unprecedented in history of Nigeria as a result of this wide jubilations was recorded. Election having won and lost, people were greeted with euphoria on Buhari coming into power which triggered heroic trekking of Buhari’s supporters in some locations. At this stage Buhari suddenly rose to become the celebrated bride widely accepted, selling like a premium brand and a morale-boosting virtue sold to younger Nigerians.

Little did his supporters know his coming to power will be a curse to Nigeria. Buhari assuming office took him up to Six months to select his cabinet, arms of government and economic activities were paralyzed by this single decision. Corruption war was lunched creating tensions and instability, things began to turn-upside-down, Buhari’s body language bringing Nigeria to the brink of disintegration. His utterance on 97% and 3% voting pattern implementation gave rise to unrest. Niger Delta Militants taking up arms, IPOB agitating for separation, Boko Haram transmuting to herdsmen slaughtering humans giving rise to insecurity and tense atmosphere in middle belt and southern Nigeria.

The jubilation people celebrated on Buhari coming to power has turned sour on the lips of the his supporters and the rest of Nigeria. Everybody is worried with glaring realities, recession with us. The president has hugely disappointed everyone in his little stay in office, inflation has rose from 8% to 17.5 % , petrol sells for 145, dollar exchange at N485, unemployment risen to a whopping 14 %, increase in high cost of living, poverty everywhere, judicial rascality, infrastructural decay, electoral maneuvering like the time of Maurice Iwu. No more democracy, as if we are still in military era. Indeed Nigerian are in for a long haul for survival. People are crying out in frustration, no more SAI BABA and CHANGE. All I can hear is echoes of regret.

The electorates, APC members and the respected political guru Ashiwaju Bola Tinubu have learnt electing Buhari was a costly mistake we all will regret till 2019.

There is a limit to lies, deceit, propaganda can thrive in hood winking ignorant citizens. Mr. President should please brace up for real leadership instead of blaming past government, this is why he was elected.



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