Infinix, Google shake up Nigeria’s SmartPhone eco-space with Hot 2 Series

gsmarena_001[1]Some seven years ago when the smartphone revolution berthed in Nigeria, there was no telling that the market would erupt to what it is today. Back then, Research in motion, makers of the Blackberry brand of smartphones had a stranglehold in the market and it seemed that things would forever remain that way.
Fast forward today, the Nigeria smartphone market has been emerged as the biggest in Africa and second only to Asia in the world. Since then Blackberry is in  a fierce competition while other  brands like the iPhone and Samsung are fighting for market dominance. The fact that other relative cheaper priced smartphones like Tecno, Lenovo are making strong showing in the Nigerian market is a testimony to the stiff competition for market share in Nigeria’s smartphone sector.
And then there is Infinix range of Smart Phones.
For a phone brand that made its entry into the country barely two years ago, Infinix is making huge in roads in to the Nigeria market. The phone brand which is fast carving a reputation for itself as Nigerian’s trendiest phone brand made a big statement recently when it unveiled its latest series of Smartphone, the Infinix Hot 2 series. The device, which is the first smartphone on the Android One program in Africa, will enable all users to enjoy the latest version of Android with guaranteed software upgrade, premium hardware specs and a wide range of customized apps. Indeed, the Android one  is regarded as a game changer for Mobile Smart phones particularly in this side of the world. Interestingly, the Android one programme, runs with the Android (5.1 Lollipop) operating system which boasts specific features for users.
Users of the Infinix Hot 2 can automatically enable the new battery saver feature to extend battery life by 90 minutes. Users can also see the estimated time left before they need to recharge. And when charging, they can also see the estimated time for the battery to become fully charged. The operating system offers users more control over data usage by offering a two-quick swipe control to turn data on or off; they can also easily check data usage.  Beyond the power saving qualities of the Android (5.1 Lollipop), the operating system will also ensure consistent update of Android apps and Google’s new material designs, enhanced security features and smarter notifications.
However the new Infinix Hot is not all about its Android Operating system. The device is made of glossy materials that give users a luxury experience. Its cutting edge style was precisely designed to fit in the palm of a user; its style, display and architecture gives it a unique design.
Infinix Hot 2 comes in two versions,16GB ROM+1GB RAM and 16GB ROM+2GB RAM both possessing a 1.3GHz Quad-Core Processor and 16GB internal memory. The smartphone also has a 2200mAh battery that allows users to enjoy the device for longer hours. Powered by a Mediatek 1.3GHz Quad-Core Processor and a 2GB RAM, users can play 3D games on the Infinix Hot 2 in addition to an extraordinary experience while watching videos in high-definition (HD).
Speaking on the partnership with Google  Benjamine Jiang, Managing Director, Infinix Mobilltiy stated that the collaboration with Google was designed to provide Infinix consumers with affordable phones that come with premium quality. He said: “One of the reasons we went into this partnership with Google is to ensure that we produce quality products that are trendy but will not be priced beyond our consumers and still have upto date features like what Google offers on the Android one. We are honoured to be considered as the first phone brand in Africa to be a part of the Android one programme and we know that this phone will meet the desires of our teeming consumers”.
Jiang added that the Hot 2 series possesses a range of hardware features that is normally exclusive to top range phones.“What we have done is to use a lot of features that are usually common with premier phones in coming up with the Hot 2 phone. Hot is a series device we designed for young people who were using feature phones but now use smartphones. A lot of brands try to provide low features but our intention in bringing Hot to the market is to provide a phone with lot of features that were used on premier brands,” he stated.
Jiang further stated that with the Infinix Hot 2, consumers will be getting more value at an affordable price. In his words:“What we have done is to use the screen that was used on our flagship brand and we used it for the Infinix Hot 2. We also used the camera that we  used for the Infinix note series. At the end of the day we are bringing together some of the best features of our different brands into one phone which is the Hot 2. So what this means is that people are not paying more for this phone but they are actually getting more value”.
Also speaking on the new product was the Vice President, Product Management, Google, Caesar Sengupta. According to Sengupta, the collaboration with Infinix Mobility will enable Google reach its goal of empowering the next billion people. In his words:  “Google is pleased to collaborate with Infinix Mobility on Android One — a program designed to help bring high-quality, low-cost Android devices to emerging markets. We’re looking forward to working with Infinix Mobility to empower the next billion people”.
In attempt to ensure that the phone catches on with consumers, Infinix Mobility also partnered  MTN and Jumia.  Under the partnership, MTN will provide data connection to consumers 1Gb  data plan for N500 for the next one year, and Jumia will act as partners in logistics.

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